So you’ve stocked up on beans

As the world increases social distancing measures, many people are stocking up on dried beans and other long-lasting foods. Worried about getting sick of beans? Worry not! I have curated a diverse list of 20 bean-centric recipes to keep your taste buds entertained during quarantine.

Note that while recipes generally call for a specific type of bean, you can probably get away with whatever you have. Experiment a little!

If you make any of these dishes or have your own creative bean recipes, share them with me on Twitter @letourjeff.

1. Gallo pinto

This traditional Costa Rican rice and beans dish can be served as breakfast with eggs, or whenever you are craving rice and beans. You can make the crucial salsa lizano at home or substitute Worcestershire Sauce.

2. Bean and grain stew with garlic and chilies

This hearty stew is the perfect for making use of barley, wheat berries, or whatever other grains you have stocked up on.

3. Pan-fried za’atar navy beans

These beans are crispy and full of flavor. Forgot to stock up on zata’ar in your frenzied Costco run? You can make your own.

4. Caramelized leek and fava bean toast

Beans on toast with a little olive oil, garlic, and lemon – yum! On a similar note, I have also made a fava bean grilled cheese that I thought was delicious.

5. Beans and spam

I don’t know why this combination is so satisfying, but it is. Not into spam? Try tofu spam musubi instead.

6. Crispy roasted white beans

Be careful – this recipe will have you eating beans a can at a time.

7. Spicy beans and wilted greens

Beans and greens are a winning combination. Honorable mention along the same lines: Spanish spinach with chickpeas.

8. Lentil walnut taco meat

Yeah, I’m counting lentils. This is already a quick recipe, but you can make it even easier by using a pre-made packet of taco seasoning mix if you have one lying around. This recipe rivals TVP as a favorite ground beef alternative.

9. Fava bean breakfast spread

This spread, a traditional Egyptian breakfast, is best served with pita.

10. Homemade hummus

Do I need to defend hummus? It’s creamy and delicious. If you don’t have tahini, you can make your own from scratch or try these substitutes.

11. Sweet potato and black bean quinoa chili

Since quinoa is nonperishable and sweet potatoes last a while, this is a perfect quarantine dish.

12. Mung bean coconut curry

I’m quickly becoming a big fan of coconut curries, and mung beans. The author of this recipe really knows what’s up, as she appropriately calls for 9 cloves of garlic. Want more mung beans? Try these Korean mung bean pancakes too.

13. Chickpeas and greens frittata

Maximize intake of both protein and fiber with this one-skillet meal made with an egg base and loaded with chickpeas and your choice of greens.

14. Lentil falafel

This recipe has only six ingredients and can be either baked or fried. The key is to undercook the lentils.

15. Chickpea tikka masala

A bean-based twist on the classic chicken tikka masala, this dish is perfect for the slow cooker.

16. Black-eyed pea fritters

This variation on a common West African street food can be baked or shallow fried as patties, or deep fried as puffy bean nuggets.

17. White bean and chorizo chili

Another chili that’s sure to impress whoever you’re stuck in quarantine with. Don’t have or don’t want chorizo? Go all in on the beans by substituting soyrizo or making your own chickpea chorizo.

18. Ful medames (Egyptian stewed fava beans)

The national dish of Egypt, ful medames can be eaten by itself, served with sausage, or mashed up with butter for a delicious dip.

19. Custom veggie burgers

I am terrible at following recipes; I like to make lots of changes and substitutions. This is less a recipe, and more a formula, and I love how easy it makes it to create exactly what you want. Better yet, you’ll be able to work with whatever you have at home!

20. Smoky refried lentils

This is another great dip, a lentil-based variant of the classic refried beans. Scoop it up with tortilla or plantain chips.