28 high-fiber meals for #FiberFebruary

2020 will be the second year I celebrate #FiberFebruary. The challenge: to make, eat, and share at least one high-fiber meal for 28 days in a row. Last year, I featured a different high-fiber key ingredient each day, and this year I’m going to challenge myself a little further by not using any of the same main ingredients as I did in 2019.

In this post, I list out the 28 meals I made last year as high-fiber inspiration. If you make any of these (or other) high-fiber meals this month, use #FiberFebruary and/or tag me @letourjeff. Your gut microbes will thank you!

  1. Tomato
    Cheese tortellini with tomato sauce and broccoli
  2. Kohlrabi
    Roasted kohlrabi
  3. Bulgur
    Lebanese bulgur
  4. Oats
    Basic oatmeal
  5. Spinach
    Saag paneer
  6. Artichokes
    Roasted artichokes
  7. Jerusalem artichokes (AKA sunchokes)
    Roasted jerusalem artichokes
  8. Chia seeds
    Chia pudding
  9. Cannellini beans
    Pan-Fried Zata’ar Navy Beans
  10. Broccoli
    Broccoli tots
  11. Soybeans / Texturized vegetable protein (TVP)
    TVP tacos
  12. Cauliflower
    Buffalo cauliflower
  13. Lentils
    Lentil falafel
  14. Avocado
    Avocado toast
  15. Quinoa
    Thai-style quinoa cakes
  16. Kale
    Kale chips
  17. Chickpeas
    Turmeric chickpea salad
  18. Poblano peppers
    Breakfast stuffed poblano peppers
  19. Tomatillo
    Salsa verde
  20. Leeks
    Braised leeks with parmesan
  21. Farro
    Crispy farro stir-fry
  22. Sweet potato
    African peanut sweet potato stew
  23. Collard greens
    Kickin’ collard greens
  24. Bok choy
    Thai coconut curry
  25. Lotus root
    Kung pao lotus root
  26. Barley
    Indian curry barley pilaf
  27. Eggplant
    Eggplant parmesan
  28.  Jicama
    Baked jicama fries