With labs shut down, scientists get creative with at-home experiments

Missing the lab during the COVID-19 shutdown, many scientists have gotten creative, turning their kitchens and garages into labs and rediscovering the fun in science in the process.

Bacteria in your gut are eating your leftovers, and that’s a good thing

What did you eat for dinner last night? It might feel like a long time ago from your perspective, but chances are that the microbes in your gut are currently digesting some of the last remaining nutrients from that meal.

God not sure how to tell humanity that E. coli is the species made in His own image

God has been in a state of inner turmoil of late, insider sources say, due to a dilemma over how to tell humanity that Escherichia coli is actually the species made in His image.

Vegan gut bacteria swim more than their carnivorous counterparts

Gut bacteria from those on plant-based diets may be better at swimming to nutrients.

Astronomers say grad student’s “papers to read” folder is gathering so much density that it could collapse into a black hole

Astronomers gathered in hopes of witnessing a rare cosmic event: a graduate student packing their “papers to read” folder with so much dense literature that it would collapse into a black hole.

Fermented foods and the gut microbiome

In fermentation, helpful microbes cause bread to rise, cheese to acquire its flavor, and beer to have alcohol. A recent study provided new insights into how consuming these foods affect the tens of trillions of microbes already living in our guts.

Duke’s COVID-19 response reflects a broader disregard for graduate students

Duke University’s response to COVID-19 has left many with unanswered questions. The lack of information betrays a disconnect between Duke administration and the realities of day-to-day life for Duke’s diverse graduate student body.

Physicists say grad students exist in superposition of both “student” and “worker” until university administration decides what’s most convenient

Physicists have long debated whether grad students are students or workers. A new study may finally put this debate to rest.

Small intestine bacteria open fiber-rich food pantry to feed broke student’s starving colonic bacteria

Like 95% of Americans, Ingram’s daily fiber intake does not meet the recommended minimum, causing trillions of bacteria in his gut to go hungry each day.

Doing good with your degree

Training doctoral students in moral reasoning would both benefit trainees in their own career development and have broader impacts on academic climate and culture.

Evaluating the probiotic capacity of beer

A slew of recent articles claimed that certain strong beers contain probiotic bacteria and improve gut health. As a homebrewing microbiologist, I took a dive into the literature on beer to assess these claims.

How does the Paleo diet impact gut health?

Whose diet is healthier: yours, or your hunter-gatherer ancestors’ a million years ago?